Bazaar blends elements of CBT and Mindfulness to help you to understand your mind, giving you the tools you need to support yourself now and in the future.

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Electric Islands
#01 Level One

Welcome to the Island!

#02 Level Two

The Creative Biodome

#03 Level Three

Thinking Traps

#04 Level Four

Root Beliefs. Identifying themes. Getting to the roots and challenging Root Beliefs.

#05 Level Five

Self-Compassion and Resilience

#06 Level Six

Moving Forward

"I'm doing a lot better and it helped enormously" - CH

"I found the sessions really helpful and now I have a better outlook on life and have been happier ever since, I haven't cried once!! Thank you so much" - LW

"I am forever grateful for the sessions I took part in. I knew I was in safe hands and found the distraction techniques, mindfulness, thought bully and thought tracking really useful and these are tools that I intend to use for life" - HL

"Service excellent. Experience excellent. Highly recommended" - RF

"Things have definitely been better since" - PS

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